cardioplegia delivery system

cardioplegia delivery system

Technowood CP4000

Technowood CP4000 Cardioplegia Delivery System

The superior performance of the Technowood omega roller pumps and the Technowood compact heater-cooler tank are combined with an innovative cardioplegia delivery software to create an all-in-one myocardial protection system - the CP4000.

At the heart of the CP4000 is the cardioplegia pump controller. Depending on the hospital protocol, we can set the master-slave to ratios ranging from 16:1 to 1:16 or even 99:1 to 1:99 to allow the operator to have a stepwise cardioplegia administration. User-customized settings are also available as well to accommodate various clinical needs.
Infusion based delivery via the Calafiore method is made easier with the CP4000. The infusion settings enables the user to see how much cardioplegia is being delivered, how much in total the master and slave pumps have delivered, and the time until the indicated dose is completed. The pump can be configured to automatically stop once the set volume has been delivered.
A timer is built into the system which automatically starts as soon as the cardioplegia pump stops. This can be configured to alert the operator when the next dose is due.
Since the pump controller can be integrated with bubble, temperature and pressure sensors, everything the operator need to setup a safe, efficient cardioplegia strategy are all condensed into a user-friendly display.

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